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AccuForage is a wildlife feed and foodplot company that offers quality products that include minerals and nutrients to best support our wildlife. We producee nutriet-specific crops to formulate the best varieties of mixes. Kane Lawn and Garden is a dealer for these products. Stop out at the Garden Center to view our products and get more information!!

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Go to https://www.accuforage.com/ for more information!!



  • Buck Yeah
  • Doe Pro
  • Tom Bomb
  • Squatch This
  • Stump Dumper


  • Wildlife Revive
  • Sunflowers
  • Shell Cracked Corn
  • Deer Mix
  • Gold Standard Bird Feed


Food Plot Blends:

  • Spring King Catalyst - Annual - Plant soon after the last frost.  This produces early nutrient and protein rich, vegetative, forage, as well as, seed and grain in the late summer. Great mix to condition an area to start food plots or alternate crops between Lucky Leaf and Fall Frenzy Plots. (Spring Barley, Spring Oats, Italian Sugar Rye, Clemson Clover, Triticale)
  • Lucky Leaf Clover - Perennial for (2-3) years. Plant in the early spring after the last frost or anytime during the summer. These clover varieties were chosen for their high protein forage and sustainability. It includes a mix of (5) clover varieties, including red clover, and chicory.
  • Fall Leaf Frenzy - Annual - Planting differs due to the climate.  Usually the last week of July to August 15 is most common. Prime planting is August 1-7th.  Frost will eliminate the top vegetative layer and sugars will begin routing to vegetables underground to provide feed, well into the winter. (Dwarf Essec Rape, Bonar Rape, Hybrid Forage, Brassica, Gound Hog Radish, Purple top Turnip, Applin Turnip, Sugar Beets)
  • Grand Slam Plot Mix Wild Turkey - Early tillage for fresh soil attraction.  Spring - Strut Zone establishment Summer - Seed and early grains nutrient rich forage (Chufa, Alfalfa, Dwarf Sunflowers, Dwarf Sorgum, Dwarf Corn, Millet, Spring Gobbler Wheat, Summer Spurs, Barley)

Wildlife Feed


Food Plot Mix



We have a variety of Wildlife Feed and Foodplot Mixes



Buck Yeah - Mix of Booner trace minerals, protein and nutrients


Doe Pro - Fertility health and herd stability-bigger fawns = bigger bucks


Tomb Bomb - Scratch blen of farm raised grains/crop grinder additive


Squatch This - Granulated honey and corn mix


Sunflowers - Fresh grown (in Kane) source of nutrition and digestive energy.  Helps   maintain body temperature in all wildlife


Shell Cracked Corn - Combination of our shelled / cracked/ground high carb and   protein corn mixed for maximum digestibility


Deer Mix - Combination of shelled cracked wheat grain, black oil sunflower seeds and blended deer minerals


We carry small bags


large bulk pallet pricing is available

Fall Frenzy is full of vegetables underground

for Fall into Winter Feedings!

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